What You Can Expect

What You Can Expect

At CHOICES, we care about you as a whole and unique individual including the impact sexual activity may be having on your reproductive health and your relationships. Your personalized screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) will consist of the two appointments described below. All of our medical services are provided to you FREE of charge.

a. It is recommended that the testing is done at least 21 days since first sexual contact with a partner. If sexual contact was more recent, then the results may not be accurate if you are being tested too soon, so please schedule your appointment accordingly.
b. Your first appointment will last about an hour, so please take this into consideration when you choose a time to schedule your appointment.
c. You should not urinate prior to or upon arrival at the clinic because we will collect a urine specimen for testing.
d. Females should not schedule a testing appointment during the time when they are menstruating because blood can contaminate the test.

You will meet with our Medical Testing Director (MTD), a licensed Registered Nurse, who will take your sexual history information, discuss your STI risk, explain procedures, and answer questions you might have. Your honest answers will help determine appropriate testing and empower you to evaluate your sexual decisions. Then you will provide a urine sample. We send your sample to a lab to test for chlamydia and gonorrhea. A pregnancy test will additionally be done for all females to determine appropriate treatment should you test positive for an STI while pregnant. All of your personal information will be kept confidential. At the end of this first visit, your second appointment will be scheduled.

You will return to our office for your results – because of the confidential nature of the testing and the required follow-up discussion, results will not be given over the phone. The MTD will go over your test results and answer questions you might have. If you have a positive test result, CHOICES will provide appropriate treatment or referrals if further testing is recommended. We will discuss how to make sure your partner is tested and treated also.

It is recommended that all clients who have a positive test be re-tested in 3 months to verify that treatment was successful or that re-infection has not occurred (pregnant females should be re-tested at 1 month).

If you need to miss an appointment, please call CHOICES at 719-284-2300 to reschedule.

We would love to answer any questions you may have!

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