Adoption can be a complex and beautiful journey, but it’s often misunderstood. Many birth mothers aren’t aware of how much control they have or the resources available to them through the adoption process. 


In this blog, we’re answering some common questions about adoption, so you can understand your rights and make an informed decision. Keep reading to learn more!

What are the Different Types of Adoption?

Before making an adoption plan, it’s important to understand the different types of adoption. There are three options, depending on how much contact you’d like to have with your child and the adoptive family in the future.

Closed Adoption

In a closed adoption, the adoptive family receives only the social and medical history of each birth parent and their family. The birth mother can select the adoptive family based on non-identifying information but is not expected to communicate with them.  

Semi-Open Adoption

In a semi-open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family can maintain contact with each other by exchanging pictures and letters on a set schedule. The adoption agency manages all communication.

Open Adoption

In an open adoption, the birth mother and adoptive family have some personal interaction based on a written agreement. They can communicate directly without the facilitation of the adoption agency. 

How Do I Choose an Adoption Agency?

The first step in the adoption process is to choose an adoption agency. This may feel like a huge step, but you don’t have to take it alone! 


If you’re not sure where to turn, consider visiting CHOICES. We’d be happy to refer you to our trusted adoption partners who will answer all your questions and inform you of your rights as the birth mother.


It’s important to note that speaking to an adoption agency is not a commitment to an adoption plan. It’s simply a way to get answers and decide how you want to proceed. We, nor our adoption partners, will ever pressure you into an adoption plan if you decide it’s not right for you.

Do I Get to Choose the Adoptive Parents?

As the birth mother, it’s your right to decide what kind of family you want to provide for your child. You can make your selection based on personal values, religion, race, location, and even personality traits! Your adoption agency will help you find a family that fits your vision for your child’s future. 


Once you’ve made your selection, the adoptive family is required to complete a home study to ensure the child is placed in a safe home. The adoption agency will interview the parents, conduct background checks, review medical histories, and speak to references. Adoptive families may even undergo training to prepare them for adoption[1].

Do You Get Paid for Adoption? 

Birth mothers don’t get paid to place their children for adoption. The state of Colorado disallows potential adoptive families from offering money (or anything of value) in exchange for the child, nor are birth mothers allowed to accept any payments[2]


However, to help you get all the care and support you need, the adoption agency or the adoptive family can cover some of your expenses. This may include your[2]


  • Maternity-related medical and hospital costs ƒ 
  • Temporary living expenses of the mother during pregnancy ƒ
  • Counseling fees ƒ 
  • Attorney and legal fees and guardian ad litem fees
  • Travel costs, meals, and lodging when necessary for court appearances or accessing services 


The exact amount paid for birth mother expenses is usually limited to what’s considered “reasonable and customary”[2]. Your adoption professional can determine the financial aid you qualify for.

Can I Change My Mind About the Adoption?

You can change your mind about the adoption at any point during your pregnancy, as long as you haven’t signed the relinquishment papers yet. 


After the birth, you can revoke your consent to the adoption within 91 days if you can prove that your consent was obtained by duress or fraud[3].

Free Adoption Resources in Cripple Creek and Woodland Park, CO

If you’re considering adoption in Colorado (or just want to learn more), speak to a client advocate at CHOICES. We’re here to help you explore adoption without any pressure or commitment. Whenever you’re ready, we’ll connect you with our trusted adoption partners, so you can create an adoption plan on your terms. 


To schedule your appointment, send a text to (719) 694-3201 or give us a call at (719) 284-2300 in Woodland Park or (719) 465-0123 in Cripple Creek. All services are free and confidential.


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