Am I Really Pregnant?

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Baby Supplies: Please call 719-687-1200 in Woodland Park and 719-351-4491 in Cripple Creek, tell us your need and we will bring the items to your car.
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The two main ways to verify you are pregnant is to take a pregnancy test and have an ultrasound confirmation.

Process For Pregnancy Verification

  • Determine Pregnancy Symptoms

    If you have missed a period or are experiencing pregnancy symptoms, you will need to schedule an appointment for the next step.

  • Take Pregnancy Test

    Choices uses lab quality tests to help verify pregnancy.

  • Schedule Ultrasound

    Ultrasounds will help determine the viability of pregnancy and whether it is ectopic or not.

  • Wait through 12 - 20 weeks

    The majority of miscarriages happen between weeks 7 to 12. The chance of a miscarriage after week 20 goes down dramatically.

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