What is an ultrasound for?

An obstetrical (OB) ultrasound will help to determine the location of the pregnancy, how far along the pregnancy is (how many weeks), and to detect a fetal heartbeat. Our licensed nurse sonographer will use the information to talk with you about your next steps, or discuss the options that are available to you regarding your pregnancy.

CHOICES provides limited obstetrical ultrasounds to women with a positive pregnancy test result, here at the center, who meet our eligibility criteria. Ultrasound appointments are scheduled based on specific criteria determined by our medical staff.

Please note that our ultrasounds are not offered for every pregnancy, and will require a conversation with our staff to determine what is best for you.  Contact us to set up a free and confidential pregnancy testing appointment.

As a reminder, our ultrasounds are offered on a limited basis and will be scheduled for after your pregnancy test appointment. Ultrasound appointments are not usually available for the same day as pregnancy testing.

We also require you to have a conversation with one of our Client Advocates to determine what will be best for you, and for your unique situation, before scheduling an ultrasound appointment.